Our Mission

Together we communicate on a personal level listening to the individual needs and providing a choice of solution. We deliver what we promise building trust and building fans. If we can over deliver we do. We adapt to our clients changing needs as well changes in the market to make sure we are a business of growth, success and happiness.

Our Vision

We work hard to achieve our goals together as a team with a clear shared purpose.

Core Values

Actions count – not what's on paper. FTS is a values-driven organization. From our hiring philosophy to our client service, our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction.

  • Being honest: We believe that Being Honest is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.
  • Collaborating: We believe if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity: We believe that treating everyone with respect and dignity improves the performance of the individual and it also helps to build positive image in the market.
  • Delivering on our promises: We believe that promise only what you can deliver then deliver more than you promised.
  • Courage: We keep on moving forward because success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
  • Selfless: We Practice being selfless because you end up getting more than you anticipate when your soul is giving.
  • Self-Discipline: We believe that with self-discipline most anything is possible.
  • Accountability: We believe that accountability is a key factor in moving the organization forward.
  • Self-Improvement: Lasting happiness is achieved through continuous personal growth and self- improvement. We are committed to continuous investment in the growth of our team members while, at the same time, requiring each team member to actively take responsibility for their own self-development and well-being.
  • Do the Right Thing: We are guided by our moral compasses, which innately know the difference between right and wrong. We never compromise our integrity. We stand for what is just and right and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards.
  • Cultivate Raving Fans: We create Raving Fans of our customers and of each other. Doing this requires a constant commitment to the service, happiness, and satisfaction of others. If our customers aren’t raving about our people and our products, we have not achieved the level of customer happiness we strive for.
  • Embrace Change: Change is the only constant. In a fast-moving world and industry, we seek, embrace and get comfortable that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving and improving, we’re falling behind. No two years will ever look the same at FTS.
  • Believe Impact is Possible: We create lasting and positive impact in the communities and industries in which we operate. When we work hard, stay focused and act in service to others, we believe anything and everything is possible. We are limited only by our imaginations and our effort.
  • Humility: We recognize there is no such thing as “individual success” in life. We are magnanimous in victory and acknowledge those who have helped us along the way. Healthy team chemistry, creativity and collaboration is critical to achieving our goals. We check our egos at the door.
  • Support Each Other: We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We share a responsibility to help our team members and do what we can to help support them and enrich their lives.
  • Work Ethic Wins: We hire the best and brightest minds in the industry. But we also know that intelligence means nothing unless it’s paired with incredible effort and a strong work ethic. The teams and companies willing to put in the extra effort, go the extra mile and be held accountable will be the ones who see their visions and dreams realized.
  • Breathe: Working hard, building amazing products, and achieving success is an exhilarating and exciting way to live life. However, we also recognize the importance of keeping life in perspective. Making sure we’re consistently finding peace and joy along our journey is an invaluable component to sustainable and lasting success.
  • Community: We support each other as a community, caring for each other personally and professionally. We are loyal. We also support external communities and the environment through our charity work and internal environmental policy.

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Fair Testing Services (FTS) is an independent and self-sustained company offering high quality services in Testing,